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This is my personal Fitness and Muscle Building Blog dedicated to men and women who love to workout or are interested in starting to exercise who want to build muscle and have fun while they burn fat.

Hi, I'm Oliver and I'm a personal trainer and strength coach, I set up the Fitness and Muscle Blog in order to pass on the knowledge that I have required throughout my time as a personal trainer. I love fitness and I love writing so a blog seemed to be the logical way to go!

I know from personal experience how difficult it can be getting yourself in shape, and I hope that by passing on the things I've learned to others it may make it a little bit easier.

If you have any fitness questions please feel free to contact me.

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Muscle and Fitness Articles

Read these articles on the subjects of fitness, muscle building, fat loss, nutrition, supplements and more!

3 Day Extreme Workout Combination of weightlifting and cardio supersets.

3 Day Minimalist Workout Training with minimalist movements sends your body into anabolic overdrive.

3 Different Body Types The somatotypes are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

3 Example Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Routines The program is split into three 12 week programs.

4 Day Mass Building Workout Routine Increase the weight you lift each week and on all movements.

4 Week Bodyweight Workout Routine Follow all exercises for the reps prescribed in the time allocated.

5 Best Non-Meat HIGH Protein Foods I incorporate plenty of non-meat protein foods in my diet.

5 Day Split Muscle Density Training Program Allows for proper recovery and growth for each muscle group.

5 Sets Per Muscle Group 5 sets, or less, per muscle is all it takes, true training story...

6 Drop-Set Tips that Power Up Any Workout Drop-sets boost the impact of any set.

6 Skinny Guy Tips for Building Muscle Ways to increase lean body mass for those of us who are genetically skinny.

6 Week Fat Loss Program Be successful at lean mass gain while you're losing fat.

7 Fatty Foods That Fight Stomach Fat Should be eaten every day if you want to fight stomach fat.

8 Top Mass Building Exercises The best mass building exercises so that you can create your own routine.

10 Pre-Workout Energy Boost Tips Feeling sluggish? Too tired to work out?

10 Toughest Exercises For a tough full body workout routine.

12 Minute Fat Loss Workout It's possible to train only 12 minutes a week to lose fat and get fitter.

14 Easy Ways to Burn Fat Losing fat gets easier with losing more fat.

19 Gut-Wrenching Ab Exercises I vary my ab workouts quite a bit because it avoids plateauing.

20 Bench Press Tips Will definitely help you increase your one rep max.

20 Minute Superset Workout The intelligent use of super-sets and tri-sets to increase intensity.

22 Rules for Building Muscle Mass Get a bigger, stronger and a thicker bodybuilder type physique.

25 Different Kinds of Pull Ups 1 Pull Up Bar = 25 exercises. Amazing!

33 Ways to Blow Past Workout Plateaus Techniques and methods to help break through a training plateau.

42 Muscle Building Tips I've been lifting weights for more than 21 years, read all 42 lessons I learned.

48 Different Types of Push-Ups Don't settle for just the traditional push-up!

50 Basics of Fitness Training Fifty simple rules to drastically improve your of health and fitness.

50 High Protein Foods for Muscle Gains From 5 grams to 40 grams of protein per serving.

50 Rules of Fat Burning Different fat burning tips with a brief explanation accompanying them.

53 Healthy Food Substitutions Should be preferred to all pre-packaged snacks.

Adonis Golden Ratio Review It's for the person looking to build the "Adonis" body, a.k.a. the perfect body.

Anadroll Review Does A-Drol Work? What kind of gains can you expect?

Arms Superset Workout Routine Four key elements to increase the size of your arms.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Workout Routine Each body-part is hit twice a week, resting on Sundays.

Awe Inspiring Yoga Poses Practice these poses for awe-inspiring flexibility and strength.

Back Superset Workouts Routines you can try to add some serious growth to your back.

Barbell and Bodyweight Routine Combining bodyweight and barbell training.

Beach Body Workout Program Uses a well-respected bodybuilding technique called supersets.

Becoming a Personal Trainer How long does it take to become a personal trainer with proper certifications?

Beginner Guide to Pull Ups Increase your ability to do more pull ups.

Bench Press Training with Boards To break through a training plateau or sticking point.

Benefits of Bodyweight Training Has a range of benefits that you may have never considered.

Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever These simple exercises done as a circuit will give you an amazing workout.

Best Chin Up Workout Routine Will increase your upper body mass and help to give you a death-grip

Best Exercises for Each Body Part The following list of movements have been rated as the most effective.

Best Protein Sources for Bodybuilding Food choices that will offer you more quality protein for your buck.

Best Weight Lifting Music To increase your motivation and help you lift a bigger weight.

Biceps Training Tips 8 tips that will force your biceps to grow.

Biggest Testosterone Killers 12 testosterone killers robbing you of your manhood.

Big Lifts Workout My New Explosive 2-Day "BIG LIFTS" Workout (that's absolutely hammering my muscles).

Bodyweight Bodybuilding Review Jason Ferruggia body weight workout program review.

Bodyweight Exercises for Triceps Movements that will improve the size and strength of your triceps.

Bodyweight Warm Up Workout It readies the body and your nervous system for a tough workout.

Bowflex Dumbbells Review A simple dial is twisted to increase or decrease the weight you want to lift.

Broscience vs Real Science The many differences between science and bro-science.

Build a Bodyweight PVC Gym It's very possible to build a very good bodyweight gym using PVC pipe.

Can You Do Supersets Every Day Are supersets too intense to do every workout?

Cellulite Factor Review The pros and cons of the Cellulite factor system.

Chest and Back Superset Workout Routine Providing both an aerobic and anaerobic workout.

Chest Bodyweight Exercises Do You want to build your chest without ever going to a gym?

Chest Superset Workouts Designed to build muscle rather than promote overall conditioning.

Classic 3 Day Split Workouts Anyone can benefit from doing 3-day splits, from novice to advanced.

Common Bench Press Mistakes The bench-press is the coreexercise for developing your upper body strength.

Compare Whey Protein Supplements Detailed whey protein supplement comparison chart.

Crazy Mass Clenn Max Why would anyone buy this supplement?

Creatine FAQ The most frequently asked questions about creatine.

Creatine Micronized vs Monohydrate What is the difference between them?

Creatine Safety Is creatine safe to take in the long run?

Creatine Timing Is it better to take creatine before or after your workout?

Creating Your Own Fitness Workouts You do not need a degree in biomechanics to create your own workout.

Crossfit Workouts for Beginners CrossFit training combines different exercises with varied routines.

Deckadrolone Review An alternative to the steroid Deca Durabolin.

Dave's VIF Workout Stands for Volume Intensity and Frequency, V.I.F for short.

Deadlift World Record Video of Eddie Hall lifting 500 kilograms or 1,102.31 pounds.

Different Types of Bench Press Exercises 10 different Bench-Press variations to increase strength and size.

Different Types of Squats and What They Work 6 types of squats with a detailed explanation of each.

Does Weight Training Increase Testosterone Immediately after exercise our testosterone levels rise.

Double Testosterone Levels Naturally Case study how one guy doubled his testosterone in only 90 days.

Do You Need a Pump to Build Muscle Arnold said that getting that pump is better than sex.

Drinking Alcohol after Working Out There are two considerations that we need to keep in mind.

Duel Pyramid Training Builds strength and muscle size at the same time.

Dumbbell Chest Exercises for Mass Heavy dumbbell pressing with some dumbbell flyes.

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises 10 dumbbell shoulder exercises to create a full shoulder DB workout.

Eat Smarter Live Longer Only 3 percent of the American population are living a healthy lifestyle.

Ectomorph Diet How ectomorphs can gain muscle and weight.

Endomorph Diet How to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.

Example Muscle Maximizer Workout Plan A comprehensive workout based on somatotype body theory.

Fast Twitch vs Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers Sports science has accepted there are two types of muscle fibers.

Fat Burning Late Night Snacks Will help speed up metabolism and increase your HGH output while sleeping.

Free Superset Workouts eBooks Learn more about the power of supersets, two free ebooks.

Free Workout Routines Online Free workout routines to build muscle and lose weight.

Full Body Barbell Only Workout Designed to increase lean body mass and strength.

Full Body vs Split Workouts Should you do a full body workout or a split routine?

Full Body Workout for Mass and Strength A combination of both bodybuilding training and powerlifting.

Fun Ways to Burn Calories 12 different and fun ways to burn 100 to 200 calories in 30 minutes.

Grilling Meat Recipes for Bodybuilders Two great recipes for grilled steak and chicken.

Growth Stimulus Training Workout Is designed for those who get motivated by numbers and percentages.

Guide to Creating a Weight Lifting Superset Workout Supersets are doing exercises back-to-back with no rest.

Habits of a Fit Person The daily habits that enable peak fitness on a long-term basis.

Herbs for Building Muscle The top herbs used to help build muscle and burn fat.

High Protein Breakfast Ideas 7 ways you can eat a great protein-rich breakfast.

High Protein Muffin Recipe A simple recipe packing 17 grams of protein.

High Protein Pancakes Recipe for Bodybuilding Pancakes with a whopping 30 grams of protein.

Homemade DIY Weight Lifting Bench Building a lifting bench should not be a complicated process.

Homemade Protein Bars Recipe Five simple steps will get you all the high quality protein bars you will need.

Home Workout Routine Follow a basic home workout routine from the comfort of your own home.

How Do Fighters Cut Fat Cutting weight means creating a plan of action for rapid weight loss before competing.

How Much Body Fat Do You Have to Lose to See Your Abs Put another way, what body fat percent do you need?

How Much Is Too Much Protein We examine the cost of eating too much protein.

How Much Sleep Do I Need to Build Muscle Plus 4 reasons sleep is vitally important for weight lifters.

How to Become a Male Fitness Model It requires as much commitment as any bodybuilding objective does.

How to Build a Bigger Upper Chest Get more thickness, strength and muscle in the upper chest.

How to Build Lean Muscle 3 steps to building a ripped, dense muscular body.

How to Burn More Fat at The Gym The top three ways on how to burn more fat during exercise.

How to Calculate Your Ideal Body Weight The top three ways on how to burn more fat during exercise.

How To Create The Most Effective Workout Program There are 3 ways you can improve your workout programs.

How to Get a Big Chest Try these 7 steps to building a big muscular chest.

How to Get Big Arms 10 important tips and 4 sample arm workouts.

How to Get Big Biceps Workouts targeting different areas of your biceps.

How to Get Big Triceps Fast A variety of exercises that hit all parts of your tricep.

How To Get Massive With Food The following 10 ways will increase your results in training for size.

How to Get Muscle Pump Fast 3 workouts ideal for getting an awesome pump.

How to Make the Veins in Your Arms Pop Out To get them popping out permanently you need to do the following.

How to Put on Some Serious Size What you do outside the gym is as important as what you do in the gym.

How to Speed Up Muscle Recovery after Workout Recovery from a workout is just as important as a workout.

Importance Of Warming Up Understanding the importance of warming up before a bodybuilding routine.

Increase Your Deadlift Max How to add 10 per cent to your deadlift max in two weeks.

Inverted Row Exercise Benefits Use inverted rows to develop strength in your back and biceps.

Is Getting Ripped Worth It Comes with a high cost; that most people are not willing to pay.

Ketogenic Diet to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat Build muscle and stay ripped all year round.

Killer Tricep Exercises and Workout If you want well balanced arms, you got to train triceps correctly.

Kinobody Workout Routine Greg O'Gallagher's current shredding workout, 3 day split.

Knee Sleeves Benefits Understand whether they need the knee sleeves or not.

Leg Superset Workout Build trunks and ripped calves with this same-muscle leg superset routine.

Lower Body Bodyweight Workout Just using your own bodyweight, you can get a great leg workout.

Merrell Trail Glove Shoes Review I love my Merrell Trail Glove shoes for pumping iron.

Mesomorph Diet How a mesomorph can gain muscle and lose fat.

Muscle Building Shock Techniques The following techniques have shown themselves to work.

Muscle Chili Recipe Loaded with lots of protein and vegetables, and it tastes amazing.

Muscle Repair Supplements Can help strengthen bone, build muscle, prevent injury, and aid recovery.

My Muscles Don't Grow Anymore What can you do about it, and why does it happen?

Natural Ingredients for Low Testosterone The following four T boosters have proven to be effective.

Ninja Bodyweight Exercises 12 ninja pushups that will turn you into a human gazelle.

Non Traditional Cardio Workouts I'm talking short and sweet cardio bursts, no running involved.

Nutrition for Building Muscle Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water are required to increase mass.

Old School New Body Review Reveals how to gain muscle and burn fat doing less.

Paravar Review Does P-Var Work to burn fat while keeping lean muscle?

Perfect Six Pack Program Review of the Oliver Wolter Perfect Six Pack workout program.

Phil Mickelson Workout Routine Phil Mickelson wins British Open, is it his workout regimen?

Pre Workout Supplements Reviews Get more energy, strength and endurance for your intense workouts.

Power and Hypertrophy Routine 6-day split routine combines power training and hypertrophy training.

Protein After Workout Time Frame The anabolic window is the period of time just after your workout.

Reasons You're Not Losing Fat For the people who struggle losing fat or pack on weight too easily.

Reverse Pyramid Workout Lets you lift more weight for your heavy sets because you do the heavy sets first.

Secrets to Big Pecs When you train your chest you are isolating the pecs, not your deltoids.

Should You Work Out Every Day How many rest days should you take?

Shoulder Superset Workout Routines I think building up ripped shoulders is underrated.

Slow vs. Fast Reps for Weightlifting I want to discuss the pros and cons of each.

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review For packing on muscle and or burning some fat, at the same time.

Spartan Workout Routine Your strength and fitness and general conditioning will improve exponentially.

Strength Training to Get Stronger You need to be consistent, and be willing to put in the hard work.

Superman Workout Program The two workouts listed are trained twice a week in a four-day split routine.

Supersets and Compound Sets Can you superset with compound exercises and if so how?

Supersets and Drop Sets Combo for High Intensity Training, sample workout provided.

Super Sets for Weight Loss The ultimate weight loss workout incorporates resistance training with cardio.

Supersets Workout FAQ Answers to your pressing superset questions.

Surviving a Plane Crash The fitter you are the more capable you are surviving injury.

The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet Essentially, for a body to be in a healthy state, it must be PH neutral.

The Complete Testosterone Solution Review It's a comprehensive testosterone boosting informational product.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot Review A sensible and honest way to take control of your body-fat.

The Right Push-Up The Right way to do a push-up for chest mass.

The Strong Lifts 5x5 Workouts Designed to get you stronger and build muscle.

Timed Superset Workout Will always boost your metabolism and burn fat a lot faster.

Top 10 Exercises for Building a Wide Back I chose this variety of exercises for their effectiveness.

Top 20 Bodyweight Exercises To hit every single muscle you got that's worth training.

Top 20 Great Physiques of All Time Perfection is attaining a well-balanced aesthetic physique.

Top Bodybuilding Websites and Blogs Bodybuilding sites that all offer outstanding information.

Tracking Food Intake Hold yourself accountable for the healthy eating goals which you set for yourself.

Train Like an Animal This training routine is designed to test yourself to the extreme.

Traps Workout Routines 3 Traps workouts for crafting the perfect shoulder and neck symmetry.

Treadmill Buying Guide How do you know which treadmill is right for you?

Trenbalone Review It's designed to bulk and cut at the same time.

TRX Total Body Workout Here are six exercises I like doing using TRX.

Types of Isometric Exercises You don't need any fancy equipment do perform any isometric exercises.

Unusual Upper Body Exercises Bodybuilders cycle their workouts, this means changing movements.

Upper and Lower Body Finishers Adding volume is just one of the advantages of using finishers.

Upper Body Bodyweight Workout Will get you stronger and also increase your lean body mass.

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout Dumbbells will offer a more varied approach to hitting the muscle fibers.

Vince Gironda's Best Exercises For 50 years, Vince's made more bodybuilding champions than any other gym.

Visual Impact Review My likes and dislikes of Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty moore.

Vitamins and Minerals for Women What women in their 40s and 50s need to know about vitamin supplements.

Wall Walking Workout A workout for your whole body, strengthening all your core muscle and more.

Ways to Build Muscle Without Weights Five key points to build muscle without using any weights.

Weight Training Can Reverse Memory Loss New evidencethat weight training can help regenerate the brain.

What's the BEST Muscle Order When Doing Supersets? Research reveals the correct order for supersets.

What to Add to Protein Add this to your protein to grow more muscle.

What to Wear at the Gym Some of the essentials when going to the gym.

Why Cardio Doesn't Work for Fat Loss Sports science has proven that sub-max cardio is suboptimal for losing fat.

Workout Hats Why wear a hat when working out?

Worst Foods for Your Joints, Skin and Blood Sugar 8 foods that have a MAJOR impact on health.

X-Size Training Program Review of Oliver Wolter X-Size HIT high intensity training program.

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